Why You Should Travel Alone In Your 20’s, Part 2

Why You Should Travel Alone In Your 20’s, Part 2

In case you haven’t yet read the first part of this two-parter, you can check it out by clicking here.

I’ve told you about what you can learn from airports in the first leg of this post. Now I’m going to tell you what makes the rest of it so brilliant. Especially if you’re alone in your 20s.

This is the part most of you are familiar with. I’m sure you’ve thought about it a lot at the very least. Experiencing a whole new culture, seeing a world outside your own. There are a lot of wonderful things that travelling alone in your 20s can do for you. I personally feel this is one area that receives a fair bit of coverage in popular culture anyway so I’m going to keep it a fair bit shorter than the first part.

I’ll start off with what I feel is the most important – confidence. Travelling alone can build your confidence like nothing else. It teaches you how to get things done on your own but without the pressure you’d normally feel with it.

You’ll often find yourself interacting with people who are very different from the kind of people you know. It’ll give you a wonderful insight into what makes different people tick and it may teach you a thing or two about yourself as well. You’ll learn a lot about how people see the world and it will definitely expand your view of the world. One thing I’ve always liked is that despite the numerous differences you’ll come across, you’ll always discover those few similarities that can bridge two cultures, no matter how far apart.

Another thing that travelling on your own gives you is a sense of freedom you will almost certainly never experience anywhere else. It gives you the opportunity to really immerse yourself into the living part of life. For at least a few days, you’ll have almost nothing to worry about and it’s perfectly okay to slow down and just take a break for a bit. After all, travelling alone all said and done is still a holiday!

Another thing, that I feel is aided greatly by travelling alone is your adaptability. I know it comes across as a fairly generic term but travelling alone teaches you how to adapt to different environments, to different cuisines if you experiment, to different mannerisms and to a whole host of other things. If you travel a fair bit on your own you’ll soon discover that you’re completely confident of living anywhere in the world.

If you have the chance to travel on your own in your 20s, even if it isn’t very far away, you should take it. It’s a teacher like no other and it’s definitely one you should learn from! Happy travels!