Why Apple Music is a Boon Even on a Limited Data Plan

Why Apple Music is a Boon Even on a Limited Data Plan

A lot of people I’ve spoken to about Apple Music in India have been hesitant to try it out. The most common apprehensions are that it’ll be a data hog and take forever to buffer anyway. After getting an iPhone 6S+ during the Diwali season I eventually decided to give Apple Music a spin. I’ve now used it for about a month and I’d like to share my findings with you.

Apple Music buffers really quick

Apart from those small pockets in Mumbai where my 3G absolutely refuses to work, I’ve found that Apple Music buffers very very quickly. As an added bonus once a songs buffered it stays buffered for quite a while. I haven’t really done tests on how long till it needs to buffer a song again but I’ve noticed there have been times when songs have played even the next day without the need to buffer.

Another bonus is that as it’s playing one song, it’ll buffer the next couple of songs in the background to ensure an uninterrupted musical journey.

Apple Music is not a data hog

I was quite impressed at how little data Apple Music used in relation to the amount of time I spent streaming music. About one hour of music streaming resulted in a loss of around 30-40mb of data. That really isn’t a bad spend in my opinion. If you were to use YouTube to watch even a single video it’d easily drain around 30-40mb right there in one shot.

Apple Music lets you download songs

Another brilliant feature of Apple Music is that it lets you download any songs you want to for offline use. If you’re worried about losing even 30-40mb in streaming then find yourself some WiFI and download to your heart’s content!

Apple Music’s radio stations are a great way to find new music

One place where Apple Music really shines is its radio stations. Not just the default ones, which offer a great selection, but even the custom radio stations you can create which offer you music similar to an artist, song or album of your choice. It’s the perfect solution for when you’re in the mood to listen to a particular kind of song.

Apple Music is inexpensive

Apple Music is priced at INR 120 for a personal plan and INR 190 for a family plan (6 users). If 120 still feels too pricey to you, find yourself 5 friends or family members and you’ll all get access to Apple Music for just about INR 30 each.

All in all my experience with Apple Music has been positive and it’s provided me with a service I’ve been yearning for so long. My three months trial is still active but once it expires I’m definitely going to keep paying for it. It’s such a brilliant service and I can’t see myself getting by without it any more.

Have you used Apple Music or are you considering trying it out? We’d love to hear your thoughts!