What’s in my Travel Bag

What’s in my Travel Bag

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know I’m going on vacation to the US. I’ve spent the last few days planning the last minute details of our trip as well as packing endlessly. So today, I thought I’ll do a ‘What’s in my travel bag’ post. Hopefully, this could also work as a checklist the next time you go on vacation!

{The backpack I’m carrying is from Accessorize.}

What's in my Travel Bag



  1. Camera: Vacations are the perfect time for me to enjoy my love for photography. I own a Nikon D5100, which I got for my birthday four years ago and I’ve been carrying it with me for every vacation I’ve been on since.
  1. Phone and Charger: This is kind of a no-brainer. I usually take lots of photos and videos on my phone while traveling so I always carry my phone charger with me.
  1. Portable Charger: Portable chargers are a lifesaver and I just cannot do without one. Like I already mentioned in the previous point, I burn out my phone battery by taking lots of photos and by playing games at airports or while waiting in lines so I always make sure to carry a portable charger with me.
  1. Earphones: What better way to spend long hours traveling than to entertain yourself with some music. I always, ALWAYS carry earphones with me.


Beauty and Skin Care:

  1. Lip Balm: I have an obsession with lip balms and I feel the weird need to reapply every hour. I’m currently carrying the Sweet Mint Lip Balm from EOS and the Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Balm in the shade Cherry.
  1. Avène Thermal Spring Water: I only started using the Avène spring water a couple of months back and this product has made its way to my daily routine. I love spraying this over my face during flights and on long sunny days to keep my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.
  1. Eye Cream: My eyes sometimes get puffy while traveling and I love the eye cube from The Body Shop for the cooling sensation it gives to the skin around my eyes.
  1. Sunscreen: This is a staple in my skin care routine and I always wear sunscreen no matter what time of the year it is. I’m going to be spending most of my time outdoors over the next five weeks so this a must-have in my travel bag.
  1. Oil Blotting Sheets: I purchased this pack of oil blotting sheets from a brand called Etude House (via a Korean website). I’ve only used this once before and found it to be very effective to get rid of the oil on my face. I look forward to using this during my vacation because I have extremely oily skin.
  1. Face Wipes: Again, with my oily skin, I need to carry face wipes with me at all times. It’s the best thing to use on a hot summer day when you’re sweating a lot.
  1. Hair Brush: Even though I have short hair that’s easy to manage, I like carrying a hairbrush with me on the off chance it might get tangled and messy.
  1. Perfume: A deodorant or perfume is an absolute must while travelling; it always helps to smell good! I love carrying miniature perfumes because they don’t occupy too much space. I’m currently carrying Pure White Linen from Estée Lauder.
  1. Lipstick: I always like carrying a lipstick or two with me; it’s the easiest way to make yourself look a little dressed up without actually putting in too much effort.
  1. Moisturizer: My skin gets really dry while traveling, especially on flights, so I always make sure to carry some body lotion and face moisturizer. The ones I’m carrying now are from Bath & Body Works and Neutrogena.



  1. Neck Pillow: I’ve never actually carried a neck pillow before. This is the first time I’m going to be spending almost 24 hours traveling so I thought it might be a good idea to carry a neck pillow. What I especially like about this is that it can be clipped on to my backpack, making it easy to carry.
  1. Wallet: This is fairly obvious; I always have my wallet on me. I make sure to carry some cash, change and my cards with me while travelling. The one I’m carrying is from Chumbak.
  1. Sunglasses: I LOVE sunglasses. I think they’re the best accessory ever; not only do they look super cool but also protect your eyes from the sun. So this is an absolute essential in my travel bag.
  1. Hand Sanitizer: Trying out new food is such a big part of vacations and it always helps to carry a sanitizer to ensure you have clean hands.
  1. Water: It’s essential to stay hydrated while traveling so I always make sure to carry a bottle of water with me.
  1. Notebook and pen: You never know when a good idea can strike so it doesn’t hurt to carry a notebook and a pen with you. (I made this notebook myself – you can check out the tutorial here).
  1. Scrunchies and hair clips: Last, but not the least, I always carry scrunchies and hair clips in my bag in case of any hair emergencies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and can use this as a checklist in the future. I can’t stop feeling like I’ve forgotten something. If you can think of things I should carry, please let me know by commenting below. I’m incredibly excited about this vacation and will try to post pictures regularly on social media. If you want to follow my journey through the US, be sure to follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  • Bina Goel

    U can take medicine if any u need during the flight in your travel bag.

    • Good idea! Knew I was forgetting something 😛

  • Dina Deleasa-Gonsar

    I travel often and I feel like I am always stuffing random things in my travel bag last minute! Great post!

  • Nice overview. I carry a lot of similar items in my travel bag. The hand and faces wipes are a must!

    • Totally! Face wipes are such a saviour when you’re out all day.

  • Great tips!

  • Olivia Tennant

    Let me know what you end up thinking about the neck pillow – I’ve never used one either, but I’m the world’s WORST travel sleeper so I’ve been on the fence about it for a while!


    • I loved it! I slept like a baby on my sixteen hour flight. So glad I decided to take it 🙂

      Although, I’m not sure it makes that much sense for a shorter flight. I hardly used it on my domestic flights in America.

  • Dash the Map

    Love your bag style! My top two things in my travel bag are on your list too: oil blotting sheets and spring water. I get so dehydrated on flights and so does my face.

    • Thank you! I get super dehydrated on flights too! Can’t do without spring water. And oil blotting sheets are such a life saver!

  • Very cool post! Also, I’ve heard great things about the Avene mist but haven’t bit the bullet yet. Looks like maybe I should? 🙂

    • You definitely should! I can’t imagine life without it anymore. It’s a great product. 🙂

    • Thanks! You definitely should! I can’t imagine life without it anymore. It’s a great product. 🙂

  • This is a great list. For me, phone and charger are absolute musts (obvies,) but bringing a journal along is also really important so I can record my adventures!

    Emma | http://www.creativexplorations.com

    • Thanks! I was so glad I carried a notebook with me. It always helps to record your experiences so you remember them later, especially when you’re going on a long trip 🙂

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