Upcoming Apps We'd Love to Try Out

Upcoming iPhone apps we’d love to try out

While it’s easy enough to find news about upcoming iPhone games, it can be rather difficult to find news with regards to upcoming apps. After doing a big of digging (Thanks Google!) I stumbled across this website which has a list of upcoming apps.

(DISCLAIMER: I haven’t really played around with anything on the site so I can’t tell you if it works, nor can I really vouch for the authenticity of the apps on it.)

I did, however, find some really cool upcoming apps that I would absolutely love to use. Given how fickle the App Store can be, there’s every chance one of these upcoming apps doesn’t make the final cut, if that’s the case then hey, maybe one of you guys out there could come up with something similar!

Bounce App

Credit PreApps.com
Credit PreApps.com

Neither Kritika nor I drink, so this app wouldn’t be very useful for us but others may find value in it. The app puts together a list of all the Happy Hour deals around you, along with reviews and other information about the pubs. Though you could probably find the same information on Zomato, it wouldn’t hurt to have an app dedicated to just the one thing, would it?


Credit PreApps.com
Credit PreApps.com

This is one that really interests me, partly because I’ve had a similar idea for an app myself. BloomChat aims to make it even easier to contact a business/restaurant to check product details or make reservations or for whatever reason you’d leave the comfort of your own company to awkwardly deal with businesses/restaurants over the phone. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just make your reservations by dropping a text message?

Request One App Everyones Music

Credit PreApps.com
Credit PreApps.com

Once you get past the slightly daunting and highly confusing name, you wind up with a brilliant idea for an app. How often do you wind up at a party or get together and find yourself absolutely hating the music? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone could queue up their requests for everyone at the party to vote on? If nothing else, at least you can sit back in the comfort that the music you’re hating is the popular choice.

Rogue Trip

Credit PreApps.com
Credit PreApps.com

This is another one I find very interesting. As you may be aware, I love travelling and I’m genuinely not very picky about the destination. Most times I just have a vague idea of where I want to head and how far I want to head, Rogue App looks like it would have me covered. All you need to do is input certain details about the sort of [road] trip you want and Rogue App will choose a destination for you. With that taken care of, you can concentrate on the more important details, like the trip itself!



Divvy sounds absolutely brilliant. Not only will it keep me updated on what I’m running short of at home, it’ll also let me divvy up my shopping lists with other members of the household and help keep a track of what has been picked up, what hasn’t and how much has been spent. This should help deal with all those times you got back from the store only to be told the milk just ran out…

We here at BLOT, love checking out new apps! It’s becoming more and more common for us to stumble across apps that substantially improve our day to day lives. If you’ve been enjoying reading up on our adventures with apps, or have made an app you’d like us to check out, feel free to get in touch with us!

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