How Next Season’s EPL Kits Look So Far

How Next Season’s EPL Kits Look So Far

We’re smack dab in the middle of the Euros but once that’s over, the wait for the next English Premier League season isn’t going to be very long. Coming off the back of perhaps the most insane season ever there’s definitely a lot to talk about. There have been some big managerial changes and transfer rumours aplenty as the murmurs for next season begin. In all the excitement it’s easy to forget about the things that are truly important to a football fan such as next season’s kits. A handful of Premier League teams have already revealed their attire for the next season, lets see how they stack up. As a bonus I’m going to take a crack at predicting where they’ll finish at the end of the season based on what they’re going to wear on the pitch.


Arsenal Jersey

Arsenal’s quest for the tightest possible jersey continues with their new home kits. With this kit the club moves a step closer to attaining that perfect jersey that melds with a player’s skin. Might just be easier to pain on the kits lads.

Predicted Finish: Spurs +1


Bournemouth Jersey

I really like Red Newcastle’s kit even though it’s pretty much the same as last season . Although now that Newcastle have been relegated it might be time for me to start calling them White Bournemouth.

Predicted Finish: 16th, pretty much the same as last season.


Chelsea Jersey

Why have they stamped their emblem all over the jersey? Guys, we know who you are. Is this some sort of identity crisis now that Mourinho is over at Manchester United? Our inside sources say yes.

Predicted Finish: Can’t do worse than last time


Everton Jersey

I have so many questions. Why are there elephants? Are they dancing around the fountain? What’s with the yellow? Wait, you put the co-ordinates of the ground on the back? Well, that’s one way to ensure you don’t lose any players.

Predicted Finish: Liverpool -1


Leicester Jersey

They proved their critics wrong and won the title last year and if the kits are anything to go by they sure do mean business time around too. There’s bound to be an increase in Leicester jerseys around town this year, at least they were nice enough to make it easy on the eye.

Predicted Finish: 11th, more ones are better, right?


Liverpool Jersey

Not the worst kit but I don’t care for it very much. I preferred their markings in white as opposed to the yellow. And what’s with that single collar button? I somehow get the feeling James Milner has a hand in this.

Predicted Finish: 6th

Manchester United

Manchester United Jersey

Damn, those look comfy! They would have been perfect last season when the team was putting everyone to sleep with their performances. It’s a nice and simple kit despite the Chevrolet logo detracting heavily.

Predicted Finish: 3rd


Stoke Jersey

Not a fan of the white patch at the back and the rest looks the same as Stokealona’s kit always as. Can’t wait to see Messi playing in this next season.

Predicted Finish: 1st in the La Liga


Swansea Jersey

I’m not a big fan of the button and the kit is fairly plain overall. It kinda works for Swansea though, average on average.

Predicted Finish: 10th

What do you think of next season’s Premier League kits revealed so far? Let us know your favourites and your thoughts on the next season in the comments below.

  • linda spiker

    My husband lived in the UK for two years and came home a fan. I will pass this on to him!

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      Would love to know what he thinks! 🙂