Houston: My Journey in Photos

Houston: My Journey in Photos

After spending the most magical week in Disney World, we went to Houston for three days to visit my cousin and her husband. And because our agenda in Houston wasn’t to do the typical touristy things, I thought it’d be a good idea to share pictures of all the things we did and saw while in Houston.

Johnson Space Center (NASA)

The highlight of our trip to Houston was visiting NASA. NASA’s mission is to provide a fun and engaging educational experience on the subject of space exploration. We did the Level 9 VIP Tour and it’s safe to say that NASA lived up to its claim; we learnt A LOT all while having fun at the same time. The level 9 tour is limited to 12 participants per group and is the only way for the general public to get an intimate view of the space program and its development from the first moonshot through today.

Space Centre Houston

Our first stop was to see the gigantic Saturn V (Saturn five), which was built to send people to the moon. Our tour guide took some time to explain how the Saturn V is launched and how it was used in the Apollo program in the 60s and 70s.

Saturn V

Our next stop was the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL), where astronauts are trained to deal with weightlessness in Earth’s closest approximation – a swimming pool.

NASA Houston

The pool in NBL is about 40 feet deep and contains full size mock-ups of the International Space Station, and astronauts spend about six to eight hours at a stretch underwater, training to go to space. I always knew it wasn’t easy being an astronaut but seeing the kind of effort that goes into training was incredible.

Fun fact: A few scenes from the movie Armageddon were shot at the NBL.

NASA underwater training

Next we visited the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility. Like the NBL, this is used to train astronauts to get familiar with the systems and has full size mock-ups of the vehicles and components of the space station.

NASA Astronaut suit

We also got to see the Orion, a spacecraft which will carry astronauts farther into the solar system than ever before. The Orion will play an important part in NASA’s journey to Mars and we were all quite excited to see it.

The Orion NASA

At this point, we took a lunch break to eat at the employee cafeteria. Our lunch was included in the VIP Tour package (you’re allowed to eat as much as you want!) and only those who take the VIP Tour have access to the employee cafeteria, where all the astronauts eat as well.

You can clearly tell we were quite famished! 


Not only was the food amazing, but we also got to meet Sunita Williams, which was just the cherry on the cake. She was so warm and friendly and took a picture with us too!

Sunita Williams

After lunch, we got to see a live mission control room. A mission control center is a facility that manages space flights, usually from the point of launch until landing or the end of the mission, and it was quite cool to have gotten a chance to see it live in action.

Mission Control Room NASA

Last, but not the least, we got to visit the exact same mission control center that was used when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon! It was amazing being in that room and seeing everything up close and personal.

NASA Mission Control Room

After the tour was over, we checked out the museum at NASA, watched a couple of short films about space, also did some souvenir shopping. All in all, it was such a fun and educational day and we were so glad we opted for the Level 9 Tour.

Museum of Natural Science

We also spent a few hours at the Museum of Natural Science in the Museum District in Houston. Honestly, you need more than just one day to see the museum properly but because we didn’t have that much time, we could only see a few sections of the museum.

Museum of Natural Science Houston

We watched a show called ‘Dark Universe’ at the Burke Baker Planetarium and checked out the Hall of Ancient Egypt (where we saw real mummies), Morian Hall of Paleontology (I really enjoyed this section and that kinda made me feel like Ross from Friends), and Weiss Energy Hall.

Museum of Natural Science mummy display

Museum of Natural Science Houston

The Food

We were quite excited about trying Tex-Mex food and went to this restaurant called El Tiempo Cantina and ordered some chalupas, tacos, nachos, tres leches and margaritas (yum!).

El Tiempo Cantina Houston

We also had some delectable cupcakes and macarons at SWEET, a cute-looking bakery.

SWEET, Houston

Last Day in Houston

We started our day with an early morning walk at the park near my cousin’s house. It literally looks like a Windows wallpaper, doesn’t it?

Houston Park

With just three hours left to our flight, we managed to get some shopping done. #Priorities

Shopping Houston

We had such a great time at Houston, only made better with the hospitality of our amazing hosts.

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  • Taylor Smith

    I love the NASA space museums!!!!!

  • Mrs Fancy-Pants

    That Museum of Natural Science looks all kinds of awesome.

    • It really was! Wish I got to spend more time there.

  • Looks like such a wonderful adventure! xx

  • I never grew out of my love for paleontology, so I would love to visit the Museum of Natural Science. And of course anything NASA is fantastic 😀 We’ve been talking about going to Houston for a while now, so I’ll add these to my list of things to see on that visit!

    • Yeah, the museum and NASA are definitely must-sees 🙂 If possible, you should take the Level 9 Tour at NASA. You’ll get to see things that the general public can’t and it’s just such a great and informative experience.

  • Natalie Welanetz

    Very cool, looks like a great trip!

  • Love it, Kritika! Looks like you had a fun trip. Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll be visiting in a few weeks.

    • Thanks, I did! Hope you have a great trip too 🙂

  • Mike C

    Houston, we have a problem… or not as the case may be. Looks like an awesome trip.

  • Candy Kage

    Nasa museum looks really cool place to visit. Food looks great and your right it was all about the hosts.

  • That looks like it was a very fun and educational trip. Not to mention the yummy food!

  • Looks like a super fun trip. And all that food looked delicious!!!

  • Ah you must have had an AMAZING time! I would love to get a tour of the space station…. and do some shopping too 😉
    ​​​H​ow to start a fashion blog

    • You should definitely visit NASA if you’re ever at Houston 🙂

  • Looks like a pretty cool trip! My son would love to see a real mummy!!

    • I was so excited about seeing the mummy too! 😀

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I’ve never had the opportunity to explore Houston as a tourist, but your photos make it look like I absolutely need to! xx adaatude.com

    • I never thought of it as a touristy place either but was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

  • That really sounds like an awesome time! I remember seeing the NBL in Armageddon; I didn’t realize they used the real one as the movie setting, too, though! And that Tex-Mex….I’m drooling over here.

    • Haha Tex-Mex food is to die for! And yeah, I didn’t know they used the actual NBL until our tour guide told us they did.

  • Ahh my [former] home. Glad you got to enjoy it. I’m probably way too familiar with those El Tiempo margaritas too! lol

    • Haha yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed Houston! 🙂