Getting to know KD Bhasin

Getting to know KD Bhasin

A big hello to all of our wonderful readers. Kritika and I do our best to keep this blog as personal as possible, we want to share our experiences and our lives with you. However, we do appreciate that some of that might get lost in translation, especially if you don’t know anything about us. So we’ve decided to clue you guys in, we’ll both be giving you a list of 20 random facts about us, so for all those of you who want to know more about Karan Bhasin, read on!

Karan Bhasin

1. I strongly believe I am immortal.

2. Video games are my lifestyle, not a hobby.

3. While I’m fluent in English, dabble in Hindi and pretend to speak French, my mother tongue is C++.

4. I am the author of the hugely unknown and never published psychological horror series, the Darkness.

5. I’ve lived in four different countries and visited several more.

6. I started writing by chance and knew right away that’s what I’d be doing the rest of my life.

7. I enjoy most Adam Sandler movies.

8. I love the Beatles. Almost as much as I love apple pie.

9. I am an avid Apple fanboy, having rocked a MacBook for four years and an iPhone for many more than four.

10. I enjoy orating and have a penchant for breaking into random speeches when entirely unnecessary (Just ask my 17th birthday).

11. I singlehandedly keep McDonald’s in business (Gotta get me some Filet-O-Fish!).

12. I’ve played the guitar for over a decade now but I still have no clue what I’m doing.

13. I used to be terrified of everything as a kid, now I write psychological horror, go figure.

14. I have an opinion on everything, no exceptions.

15. I will almost never share my opinion with you, even when asked. If you want me to talk, ask me not to. Reverse psychology, always fails.

16. I very rarely understand the not-so-polite (for the uninformed, that means dirty) jokes right away.

17. I would someday like to own a DeLorean DMC.

18. I hate the heat and I have an aversion to beaches because of the sand. On the flip side, I love the hills and the cold.

19. I enjoy my steaks rare, with melted butter on the side.

20. I’m not bad in the kitchen and enjoy tinkering with recipes.

I hope these 20 random facts helped shed a bit more light on who I am! You can get to know more about Kiki in her post. Feel free to share a few random facts about yourself in the comments below, who knows, we may just feature you in a Random Facts About Our Readers post if we think you’re cooler than us.

Ah, who are we kidding, you probably are cooler than us!