Fun & Food Mumbai: Eat Around The Corner

Fun & Food Mumbai: Eat Around The Corner

It’s always nice to have a place where you can not only grab a good meal but also spend a good stretch of time. If you’re like us and enjoy a side of board games with your meal then you know the struggle to find a place where you can settle in for a few hours, get yourself some snacks, maybe a milkshake and break out a fun game to play with your game without being asked to leave halfway through your game.

We’ve decided to do a series of posts, where we check out places that won’t just give you a good meal but also a comfortable place to play your games. For our first post in the series, we checked out Eat Around The Corner in Bandra.

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Starting off with the ambience; they recently redid the exterior of the joint and boy, have they done a wonderful job. The outer walls are adorned with some very pleasing art, which really helps you understand what Eat Around The Corner is about before you even enter. The restaurant itself is split into an outdoor an indoor section, with plenty of seating; unless you’re horribly unlucky you’ll find a place to sit. It’s the kind of place you won’t see completely occupied very often but you will find a few groups who stick around for a good stretch of time. If you’re looking for a quiet place, but not the sort that’s devoid of people, you can’t go wrong with Eat Around the Corner.

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The menu isn’t the most exhaustive but there’s just enough variety to ensure that most will find something to their taste. Their salads are easily the highlight of the menu. They offer a healthy number of healthy options in both veg and non veg, giving you the flexibility to mix and match to suit your tastes. Their salads are rather reasonable as well.

Sadly, salads aside not much else is very economical if you aren’t looking to share. A main course, though pricey, includes enough quantity for about one and half Karan meals (roughly the same as one regular person meal). Their bakery is impeccable and I’m a huge fan of their cheese rolls and croissants, hardly a surprise that they’re also some of the better priced options. Oh, and they even serve pizzas from Pizza By The Bay. We had one of them and quite to our surprise, we found that we enjoyed it more than what we’d had at the Pizza By The Bay in South Bombay. 

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The offer your standard fare of beverages (oh, they have a bar too if you fancy that) in two sizes, regular and large; the latter implies you’re going to be sitting there for a while. I’m very fond of the Lemon Ice Tea these guys make, unlike most other spots this does actually taste like Lemon Ice Tea rather than the powdered Lipton form that a lot of establishments sneakily try to pass off as their own concoction. Eat Around The Corner’s desserts are another area they excel. The Mars Cheesecake is a personal favourite of mine, though I’m sure they do just as good a job with the rest of their desserts. Oh, they even make full cakes to order!

Now, we finally come to the crux of the matter. How good a spot is Eat Around The Corner for a card and board games?

Are the tables big enough?

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A very important factor is that Eat Around The Corner has tables that are perfect for gaming. Even the ones that seat two or three people are easily big enough to accommodate a reasonably sized game. If you’ve got something on the bigger side, like the Lord of the Rings board game, then one of their larger tables will easily meet your needs.

Can you focus?

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Simply put, yes. It’s a big place and you can easily find a table away from any of the noisier patrons. Since it’s primarily self-service you won’t be bothered by waiters wondering if you want to order more.

Will they mind?

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Perhaps the biggest prohibiting factor in playing card and board games at a restaurant, you’ll soon be ushered out to keep you from holding up valuable real estate. At Eat Around The Corner, you won’t face any such hassles as the staff, for most of the part, will leave you to your own designs. You could be done with all your food and you’d still be welcome to continue your game. Of course, if you’re in a big group it’s likely the orders will keep flowing, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Is it worth it?

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Eat Around The Corner may be one of the pricier options but when you look at what they offer, it’s definitely value for money. I’d recommend getting your group together and giving the place a shot!

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