Christmas Brunch Review: Out of the Blue

Christmas Brunch Review: Out of the Blue

I had the pleasure of being at Out of the Blue in Bandra for Christmas brunch. It’s always been a fun occasion and this year was no different. Kritika and I picked the place rather last minute after we wound up with nowhere to go at around 2pm. It was quite by chance we ended up here for their special Christmas Brunch Buffet and I’d love to share our experience with you.

Ambience (Out of the Blue)

The place is quite nice. There were plenty of festive decorations. It was fully packed even at 2pm and the sounds of the crowd really added to the charm of the event. In terms of the ambience the place really did a fantastic job of getting you into the mood to celebrate. The music, while low, wasn’t Christmas-y at all. We were treated to some good pop covers over the sound system but a couple of Christmas carols would’ve gone a long way in making this an even more complete experience.

Service (Out of the Blue)
When we arrived they had only one table available near the grill. We were seated there quite quickly and it wasn’t long before we’d moved to a better table. The staff was courteous and as prompt as they could be given the crowd. There were absolutely no faults in their service and it helped build the wonderful experience we had.

The Spread (Out of the Blue)

By far the most important part of any buffet. The buffet included appetizers which you’d have to place an order for, a variety of wine based drinks, a live grill counter with a full turkey, a fair selection of other dishes and a delectable dessert spread to round it off.

While the main spread could perhaps have done with some more variety, what they did have tasted brilliant and really hit the spot. The turkey was prepared well but some stuffing or even cranberry sauce could’ve gone a long way in making it even better.

Nachos and sushi felt a bit out of place with the rest of the spread but they were still a welcome addition to a spread that at times felt a bit thin around the waist. Still, I did quite enjoy what was there and in particular I really enjoyed the Apple Glazed Ham.

Dessert (Out of the Blue)

The dessert gets its own section because it most definitely deserves it. We took a few helpings of the many desserts they had and we made sure to finish them all. We discovered Blintzes, which was new to both of us and was something we both found to be one of the stars of the dessert spread.

Apart from that the Baked Cheesecake also deserves a special mention. It’s easily one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had.

The Say (Out of the Blue)

I quite enjoyed it. It was a very good experience and well worth the price. It cost INR 975 (plus taxes) per head and compared to some other spots with Christmas Brunch, it proved real value for money.

The upsides for me were,

  • Value for money
  • Apple Glazed Ham
  • Brilliant dessert
  • Blintzes
  • Good service

The downsides for me were,

  • Spread felt thin
  • No Christmas music

On the whole I’ll give the experience a thumbs up. If you ever get the chance to visit Out of the Blue, I’d recommend you take it!

You can have a look at some of the photos from our Christmas Brunch experience in the gallery below.

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