Apps We Wish Had 3D Touch

Apps We Wish Had 3D Touch

Apple’s new 3D Touch isn’t yet the game changer they were hoping it would be. It’s still a feature in its infancy though and not that many apps support it as of now. Here are a few apps that we believe could really benefit from 3D Touch and help make this new feature as useful as Apple would’ve hoped for it to be.

It doesn’t make sense to me why the Settings app does not have the 3D Touch function considering how incredibly convenient it would make life. It would be super helpful if my frequently used options like mobile data and location services could be displayed on pressing the app, especially since these options aren’t available in the Control Centre.

This one would be more contextual than the others. Before booking a ride, give me options to book one at my favourite locations (Home, work and such) and once my ride is booked let me use 3D touch to access quick features such as contacting the driver, sharing my location and splitting the fare. As a long time Uber user I definitely want this implemented right away. Chop, chop Uber IT team!

Google Maps
Google doesn’t seem to be getting on board the 3D touch train. While I don’t particularly care about most of their apps, Google Maps is so much better than Apple’s stock app. It would be a real godsend if Google implemented the same 3D touch functionality in Google Maps that Apple’s stock maps has.

It’s annoying how petty corporate rivalry is preventing Google from implementing 3D Touch. I’d really like it if YouTube allowed me to peek at videos from within the app. From the icon, I’d like it if I’d be able to search for videos and directly view my playlists.

It’s a bit of a surprise to us that this Apple stock app doesn’t have 3D touch compatibility. A peek option for the weather would be absolutely fantastic. A live icon that updates with the weather (sort of how the clock icon shows you the actual time) would be ideal but failing that, at least let us peek at the weather using 3D touch.

Which apps do you think would benefit from 3D Touch functionality? Let us know in the comments.