What to buy your girlfriend

5 Gifts To Buy Your Girlfriend When You Inevitably Ruin Things

Is your girlfriend upset with you? If yes, then read on! If no, then read on anyway because she probably will be soon. It is a time-honored tradition though. When you inevitably do something to tick your lady friend off, you can’t always rely on that smooth silver tongue to talk your way out of things. No, sometimes you need to do a little something extra… like bribe her for example.

Naturally, buying her the right present is generally what you would expect the opposite of easy to be but fear not, that’s what I’m here for. Not to say I’m solely here to fix your relationship, merely to prolong it. If you buy her one of the following brilliant gifts then you should be in the clear for at least 3 minor transgressions or one major one. (By the way, just click any of the images to take you right to where you can buy them. Sadly, this article can’t pay for them.)

Cute Stationery

5 Things To Get Your Girlfriend When You Inevitably Ruin Things - Cute Stationery

Now this is something I’ve noticed after years and years of intense research. Women love cute stationery despite barely using any. I know, right? And to think… they complain about our Pokémon cards!

A Bowling Ball With Your Name Engraved On It

5 Things To Get Your Girlfriend When You Inevitably Ruin Things - Bowling Ball

This devilishly clever gift worked wonders for a certain Homer J. Simpson. This classic move of buying her a gift that’s actually for you isn’t recommended for beginners though if you can convince her that it’s actually for her and you’ll only use it sometimes then you’re living the dream!

(PRO TIP: Your name is engraved on it because it’s from you.)

A Scarf

5 Things You Should Get Your Girlfriend

Yes, when you get her the annual Christmas present on a day other than Christmas, she actually appreciates it. Who’d have imagined?

Anything From Forever 21

5 Things To Get Your Girlfriend When You Inevitably Ruin Things - Forever 21

Now I don’t know much but I’ve been told this isn’t in fact a store for all your immortality needs. Misleading name aside, I’ve also been told that your girlfriend would love just about anything from here.

A Brand New PlayStation 4

5 Things You Should Get Your Girlfriend When You Inevitably Ruin Things - PS4

Because who are we kidding? You don’t have a girlfriend.

Have a girlfriend and want to prove me wrong? Feel free to leave your evidence in the comments below.

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  • I would like the playstation!

    • RustyVercetti

      I know! Who wouldn’t?

  • Haha this is hilarious! Whatever happened to good old fashioned flowers?

    Nellwyn | http://www.thecardinalpress.com

    • RustyVercetti

      Thanks! Times are changing, pretty soon it’ll be engraved hoverboards.

  • Liner

    Great satirical posts about gifts for your girlfriend?
    Especially like the bowling ball gag

    12 Highlights / 7 Comments made via “Liner”

    • RustyVercetti

      Thanks! Gotta love a good Simpsons reference.

  • Martie

    I like the bowling ball gag, too. Girlfriend can use it and pretend it’s boyfriend-in-the-doghouse’s head! Lol!

    • RustyVercetti

      Shush now, don’t give her any ideas.

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